Depending on the type of case you are pursuing, or that is pursing you, and the amount of claimed damages (money) involved, our office should have a cost effective and affordable program that would allow you to secure representation by an experienced attorney.  If you believe your case has value (of course subject to our office evaluating your claims and determining that your case is in fact legally viable) and if you are willing to share in the cost of litigation, we should be able to find a solution that fits your budget.  If you are being sued and would like to move forward with a defense instead of defaulting on the complaint, our office may be able to assist you through one of our creative payment options.  Additionally, if your dispute is based on the breach of a written contract or violation of special statute (law), the written contract or statute might have a provision that would permit you to recover the costs of the litigation, including attorneys fees, after prevailing in the dispute.

Generally litigation is an expensive process.  However, those of you who have cases with amounts in dispute that are lower in monetary value, you should have an opportunity to have your day in court!  In California, certain cases at law (no permanent injunction requests) where the demand, or the value of the property in controversy, is $25,000 or less, can be tried in the Court of Limited Jurisdiction.  Attorney fees, interest and costs are excluded in determining the amount in controversy. This allows a court handling a limited civil case to award up to $25,000 plus applicable interest, attorney fees and court costs.  In Hawai'i, civil actions in which the debt, amount, damages, or value of the property claimed does not exceed $40,000 can be initiated in the District Court (but no jurisdiction over actions for libel, slander, defamation of character, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, breach of promise of marriage, or seduction).